A Look Back At The Year's NPD Sales

nodfigs.jpgWith NPD hardware numbers about to get that little bit harder to get a hold of, we thought it was time to look back on the good times. Times when the dawn of each month meant cold, hard numbers, instead of just a pinch and a punch. Above are the monthly NPD figures for the three current-gen consoles for 2007. At the bottom of the chart, each console's total lifetime sales in the US. If you're big on maths but short on time, adding up those monthly figures also gets you year-to-date sales of 3.4 million for the Wii, 2.2 million for the 360 and 1.1 million for the PS3. Can you handle that many numbers at once, readers? We can't. The room is spinning, and I think it's time for a lie down.

2007 Monthly Hardware Sales [IGN]


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