A Tower For Your Wii

wiitower.jpgAttention Mom! You asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas. Well here it is. While I cannot give you a link to purchase it from, unable to find any reference to it on the internet whatsoever, this officially licensed Nintendo Wii tower organizer by a company called Level Up is a thing of beauty to behold, and an answer to at least one of my living room organizational issues. It's sleek, sexy, and the blue translucent Wiimote and Nunchuck holders give it that futuristic look I am trying to achieve. According to Will from The Wiicast, it was discovered at Walmart for a measly $US 69.99. Just look at it! When I'm not using the Wii I can pretend it's a podium and host imaginary game shows for my cats. "Hello, and welcome to Lick Your Own Butt! I'm your host, Michael Fahey". Oh who am I kidding? My mother never reads this crap. Hit the link below to check out The Wiicast's flickr gallery of another Christmas dream that won't come true.

The Officially Licenced Wii Tower Gaming Station [The Wiicast]


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