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Wii Gets The Shaft Comment by: huginn

That Shaft is a bad mother... Shut your mouth!

New York Times: Does Brain Age Actually Work? No, Apparently. Comment by: Knukleur Nominated by: Sasuntsi Davit

Games are trash. Please buy our newspaper even if it's just for the funnies and the crossword puzzle. Later you can use it to line your birdcage! The ink on your hands and furniture is easily removable with common soap and water. BTW, if you are a Taurus, your lucky number today is 9.

Not Another Nintendo Mini-Cake Collection! Comment by: <a href="http://kotaku.com/commenter/Ryoma11/"Ryoma11

The Princess is a Lie

Willis and Thornton for Kane and Lynch Comment by: blackadvent Nominated by: Faradin

First Wahlberg as Max Payne... then Willis and Thornton as Kane and Lynch? Does anyone see a sort of 'second coming' of video game movies? I've seen this kind of thing before- with comic book movies. Before everyone tries to raise their comics and controllers in protest, hear me out. For comic books, there was one great movie in the beginning (Superman). As time went on, other franchises entered the arena, ranging from great (Tim Burton's Batman) to shit (Fantastic Four, 1994). Eventually, the hacks showed up, creating such crap (Ex: every Batman sequel after Returns, the TMNT sequels) that people were turned off from the idea. Eventually, the concept came around again, in the form of Blade and X-Men. Thanks to some people with an idiom of talent (and the rise of CGI and modern makeup), it did well, but there were still doubters. Then Spider-Man was released, and while there are still crap adaptations (Fantastic Four, anyone?), there are also ones that look like pure awesome (Iron Man, Wonder Woman, possible Deadpool movie). It's not quite the same story with video games. Until Tomb Raider, no game movie (possible exception: Mortal Kombat) had even aspired to be an equal to its source material (Super Mario Brothers and Street Fighter are more guilty pleasures than anything else, Resident Evil was more a revisioning than an adaptation). Tomb Raider wasn't any Citizen Kane, but it was better than anything else at that point. There have been too many 'bad' game movies... insert Uwe Boll joke here. Doom strayed too far from its source as well. In fact, the only video game movie that I can actually think of that isn't ENTIRELY reviled by gamers is Advent Children, and I know how 'cool' it is to insult it (Side note: knock it off. We get the idea.) That, or Silent Hill, which seems to be 50/50 on the love/hate train (I've never seen it). But now, there may actually be hope. Especially if good actors (yes, I consider Willis and Wahlberg good actors) are really getting in on the action. If Hitman is any good at all (from what it looks like, it'll be a tossup), or if anything coming down the line proves worth it (Wikipedia: Kane & Lynch in 2009, Max Payne in 2007, Soul Calibur, Metal Gear Solid in 2009, or if the Metroid or Halo movies ever see the light), then we could finally see the first GREAT video game movie. On a side note, if that happens, then the following should occur: 1) Uwe Boll retires, ashamed of the sheer awesomeness. 2) More video game movies. GOOD ONES. 3) Hell freezes over.

http://www.kotaku.com.au/games/2007/11/happy_birthday_ps3_the_cake.html Comment by: jacksinn Nominated by: Darien

Happy birthday. It seems like only yesterday you got your first games.

Lionhead Wants Help Writing Fake Curse Words Comment by: JethroVegas

Horse Gogger Muffin nippler Pissant bartender Ocular pus bag Wank shniffler

Variety Not That Impressed by Super Mario Galaxy Comment by: PenoCulture

Variety is a worthless piece of trash. I might be biased though, since I used to work for Hollywood Reporter :P

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