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Band Sue Harmonix, Red Octane Over Guitar Hero Cover Comment by: tk. Nominated by: SkahT

Are The Romantics going to start suing people who 100% the song on Expert, too?

What NOT To Say to Girls on Xbox Live (Or Anywhere Else) Comment by: this_is_sparta Nominated by: drbrownt0wn

barbie horse adventures, my favorite!

Mysterious Mass Effect Experience Site Surfaces Comment by: JethroVegas Nominated by: luisrm

Oh. My. God. The secret code is MY BIRTHDAY!

I must be the chosen one...

Senators Want Adults Only Rating for Manhunt 2 Comment by: InsomniaBob Nominated by: Anemone

@jackthompson: Hiya, Jack!

Well, I'll give you the fact that this game should probably be marketed to an Adult Only audience. After all, exposure to violent imagery in that crucial year between 17 and 18 is how every serial killer who ever lived turned bad! oh...wait, hang on. I was accidently holding down the sarcasm button...[/sarcasm]Theeeere we go.

In all seriousness, I don't see why ANYONE would want to play Manhunt 2. But some people do. And yeah, a lot of them are mad at their over controlling parents and just want to shock someone. So what?

The real issue here, Jack, is that our government wastes more time on issues like this than on the very REAL problem that contribute to violent crime and urban decay: poverty, segregation, racism, police corruption and drugs.

While I disagree with your stance, and find your logic, at times, to be flawed, I'm willing to admit that you've executed some very compelling arguments in the past, Mr. Thompson. And you passed the bar. Even in Florida that has to count for something. I think you're an intelligent man, and you could make a real, positive change if you applied yourself.

But, attacking violent video games and the companies that produce them isn't going to save lives. It's just going to put you on CNN. And it's going to shift desperate politicians seeking election away from much more important matters. I think if you took a step back, and took a good hard look at what you've been doing these last few years, I think you might realise how the limelight has changed you.

You've become every bit as much a sensationalist as Howard Stern, Mr. Thompson. You've gone from trying to get justice for the family members of Columbine to resigning yourself to gumming up the works, and trying in vain to defend your honour against the entire internet. I don't think that's what you wanted when you began this crusade. Even so, I'm not going to tell you to shut up, Jack, because I believe in your right to free speech as much as my own. Even if I disagree with you, and dislike you on a personal level for the tactics you employ.

Freedom of speech is the most important aspect of our country. It is one of the cornerstones upon which our society is built. And yet, in the last ten years, a gradual campaign to sanitize and placate has slowly brought our country down a dark path. This is no conspiricy, merely the compounded result of a great many well meaning, but misinformed people. They thought that by placing restrictions on entertainment, that somehow it would make the world a better place, but that could not be further from the truth.

The end result is we now have less transparency in government than ever. The United States is torturing prisoners most of whom have not, and will not be charged with any crime. This, to me, represents a far greater threat to our way of life than any external threat this country has ever faced. And if this trend that you champion, of banning content based on "good taste" or "moral authority" continues, you may find one day that you are no longer allowed to speak in public, Mr. Thompson.

I hope that you discard this crusade, and take up a more noble, more relevant cause. Lord knows there are plenty. But, if you really, truly believe that simulated violence is the greatest threat to our way of life, Mr. Thompson, then you are a zealot, and beyond help. And in that case, I look forward to watching your continued downward spiral into madness, as rational, clear thinking people turn away from you.

Ocarina of Time Deposes Imposter, Reclaims Throne Atop a Mountain of Skulls Comment by: Sailorcancer Nominated by: Justme800

Electronic Arts Won't Rule Out Its Own Rock Band Type Game Comment by: Minister of Fun Nominated by: SkahT

Maybe it will be as good as Boogie!

Hey Japan, Let's Fingerprint Foreigners! Comment by: Orez

Speaking as an expat and a bit of a privacy advocate, I'm surprised how many people here don't understand why people get upset about the fingerprinting.

Just for starters, when a government requires your fingerprints (even when you've been a law-abiding model citizen for years) it feels like a slap in the face. They're essentially saying that they don't trust you and no matter how well you fit in that you're still a damn foreigner and you always will be. When a country becomes your adopted home, this is a genuinely hurtful experience. Even in the US, as a native citizen, these measures feel invasive and harmful to me.

Secondly, why should the government have my fingerprints on file, honestly? Do you really trust them with that information? In the case of the US, whom the Japanese are basing this policy off of, who here remembers the Veteran's Affairs department links just a few years ago? Part of my problem with increased information retention and gathering by the government is that historically they do bad job with it. Every year they release the Congressional IT security reports and every year you see that half the government is just begging to release your SSN to the world. I can't wait until we move to biometrics and my unchangable fingerprint gets leaked, oh goody good joy!

Third, this fingerprinting move is just a step toward DNA registration which just patently wrong in my mind. Besides, this sort of legistlation will start with foreigners and felons then move onto soldiers and then onto the general populace, mark my words.

Fourth, whatever happened to the expectation of reasonable privacy? The ability to speak one's mind without fear of retribution has always been key to a democratic society. Now we have a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who doesn't believe in a constitutional right to privacy and I fear that most people do not realise the full brunt of what that entails. For the people outside the US who believe this doesn't effect them, Mr. Bashcraft is being affected by an essentially exported version of our law.

Believe me, I'm not a tiny-government free-market-hugging Ron-Paul-worshipping libertarian sort. I think government should be active in people's lives, lending a helping hand, providing services to citizens and foreigners alike. But to do that, governments do not need fingerprints, wiretaps, DNA swabs, library records, national ID cards, or data mining. They need college scholarships, and health insurance, and social assistance. Even law enforcement used to be "Protect and Serve", today it seems more like "Investigate and Control."

Sorry if this rant ran overlong for a quickie Kotaku comments section, not my intent to rant and rave. But if you don't see a problem with this sort of thing, please: stop and think about it. For the rest of us, at the very least.

How Poland Was Sold On Halo 3 (NSFW) Comment by: chiablo

That guy's wearing a ton of makeup.

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