A WOPR Of A Call of Duty 4 Cameo

cod4_wopr.jpgI love cameos. I even like Cameo. Word up, I often find myself saying, when waxing about code words. So when Infinity Ward throws in a none too subtle nod to the magnificently named super computer from WarGames, the WOPR, into a game like Call of Duty 4 it's like candy. That's another Cameo reference, by the way. Anyway, for those who aren't in their thirties and saw the Cold War thriller starring a young Matthew Broderick in the theater, reader Joseph was nice enough to send along a snap of that, too.wopr_movie.jpg

Now I'm hungry! Time to load up the iPod with some Cameo funk classics and head over to my local Burger King. It's a wonderful restaurant!

More nerd references, please!


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