AcroGames Licenses Unreal Engine 3

magnacartatears.jpgThe only thing that surprises me about Unreal Engine 3 licence announcements anymore is that everyone doesn't already have one. Now Korean developer AcroGames has licensed the engine from Epic, and thanks to some digging done over at Gamasutra, we know they are working on an online PC title. AcroGames is an amalgam of talent that have worked on both NCsoft's Lineage II and Softmax's Magna Carta RPG for the PlayStation 2, so it really could have gone either way.

Said Epic vice president Jay Wilbur, "AcroGames is a promising team comprised of top talent and we look forward to working with them. We are committed to supporting the Asian game market with best of breed development tools, and our agreement with AcroGames marks a significant achievement in this effort."

Aside from the engine they are using and the platform the game will be appearing on, all we know is that with those two titles under their collective belts we can expect some very pretty androgynous characters to be making an appearance, more than likely in little to no clothing.

AcroGames Licenses Unreal Engine 3 For Online PC Title [Gamasutra]


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