Activision CEO: $US 199 Consoles Or Die!

bobby_kotick.jpgThere's a reason they pay Activision's chief executive officer Bobby Kotick the big bucks. He's got fresh insight on the video game buying consumer, a group whom he believes likes less expensive consoles. A progressive theory, to be sure, but Kotick wowed the financial community with his acumen, claiming that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 need a price drop to $US 199 within the next two years to remain competitive. Furthermore, he's got his sensitive fingers so well placed on the pulse of the market that he believes the much cheaper Wii "is now setting a standard and an expectation" on console pricing.

Sure, go ahead and laugh at the mentally unstable man! I have a sneaking suspicion that he might be right about this one. Kotick will be vindicated, you'll see. It's just crazy enough to work, I say.

Activision CEO: $199 for consoles critical [Reuters]


    Activision....Activision...where have i heard that name before....OH YEAH they're the guys that shafted us Australians on the Steam price for Call of Duty matter what Activision publish from now on, I won't be buying it, cheaper consoles or not.

    thats honestly the only reason i havent moved onto the 'next-gen' consoles, the price. i really cant afford 700$ for a ps3 or 500$ for a 360. id rather save up and get a beast of a computer for a few grand, that will do what i want and more.

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