Activision "Looking Into" GH Wii Mono Issues

ghiiiwii.jpgFor a few weeks now, we've been getting emails and hearing complaints about Guitar Hero III on Wii. Namely, that its sound only outputs in mono. Mono. Hey, Activision, the 1950s just called, they want their sound format back. While many obviously either don't notice or don't care, those who have and do should know that Activision are...looking into the problem:

We are already looking into the issue, and rest assured, are working to offer a possible solution to our fans.

Course, they haven't found one yet, but hey, I'm sure the same guys who let a game ship in mono sound will be able to speedily resolve the issue. No sweat.

Activision Aware of Guitar Hero 3 Wii's 'Mono' Music [1UP]


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