Adelaide Reloads Its Gaming Mojo

Adelaide Reloads Its Gaming Mojo

reloadedlan.jpgHey, if Melbourne can hold gaming events, then there’s nothing stopping Adelaide from following suit.

We received word today that the southern city will host the Reloaded Festival during January 26-27. According to Reloaded Events, the company running the festival, it will be “the biggest gaming event in Australian history and the largest LAN Party event ever held in the southern hemisphere”.

While I can’t vouch for the validity of that statement, I can say there will be more than just a LAN occurring at the festival. Running parallel will be PC/console tournaments, art competitions and tabletop gaming (less Chess, more what Warhammer was before Relic turned it into an RTS).

Reloaded Events expects attendance numbers of 1200-1500. Will you be going?

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  • Sounds pretty cool, but Adelaide? Why? If it were here in Melbourne i’d rally up a group and go, but until then, im steering clear from S.A. Nooo-body wanna go to Adelaide.

    Side note: Logan, will you be attending Egames these up coming weeks?

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