Adventure Games Get Very Own Digital Portal

lupin.jpg Over at his GamesLOL site, blogger and designer Marek Bronstring has been remarking that not only is the adventure game not dead, but there's a new digital store which is _just_ for PC adventure games:

"Just wanted to quickly point out that now runs a partnership with Lezard Electronic to offer digital downloads of many popular adventure games. It’s called Adventure Shop and it launched with a catalog of 23 titles. New games will be added regularly going forward... It already has some titles that are hard to find elsewhere. Sherlock Holmes vs. Arsène Lupin won’t be in stores until sometime in 2008, but it can already be downloaded from the Adventure Shop."

Holmes vs. Lupin? Forget about Sonic Vs. Mario, this is the matchup to watch for this holiday season.

Digital downloads of adventure games [GamesLOL]


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