Airport, Credit, Treacle

To: Ashcraft From: Ian Bogost Re: Thanks for Frying My Brain Contestant Bastards

The Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport — which is practically my second home — sees a lot of servicemen and women pass through on their way to or from Iraq. Today as I was passing through I saw one uniformed Army soldier, clearly jetlagged, stumbling down the terminal. His head turned as someone called to him, beckoning, "Specialist! Specialist!"

It was a representative from one of the many credit card solicitation booths that line airport terminals. I guess you know you're back in the States when someone tries to give you credit.

Other things gleaned today: the Kotaku web editing system is slow. Like molasses. Or treacle, which is the same as molasses but sounds more viscous and lethargic. Kotreaclu.

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