AM3 Brings Downloadable Media To The DS

dsvixion.jpgYou may remember AM3 from their Advanced Movie peripheral for the Game Boy Advance, which allowed you to play movie clips on a tiny, fuzzy screen. Well AM3 is back, and now they've got two tiny screens to work with! Today the company announced DSVision, a download srvice that promises to bring not only movies and TV shows, but books, magizines, anime and comics to Nintendo's surviving handheld, all via PC download. The service will work via a special microSD adaptor cartridge, not unlike the ROM carts the bad people use to do bad things that are better off not being mentioned. Users will download media to their PC and then transfer it to the microSD card via a USB reader for viewing on the DS. The service, fully licensed by Nintendo, is due to launch in Japan in March of 2008, with a trial kicking off in January where testers will be able to purchase the equipment for 3,980 yen (roughly $US 36).AM3 is aiming to capture 10% of the estimated 20 million strong Japanese DS user base, offering 300 titles at DSVision's launch with plans to expand to over 10,000 by the year 2010.

Chances of the service coming to the states? Very slim indeed, though who knows? If it is as hugely successful as AM3 is hoping, we could all be watching television on fuzzy little screens within the next couple of years.

DS Gets Vision [IGN] image courtesy of Famitsu


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