Amazon's Black Friday Voteathon - $US79 Wii?

amazondeals.jpgRemember last year when Amazon nearly killed itself trying to sell the Xbox 360 on Thanksgiving day for $US100? Well their special Black Friday-ish deal voting game is back, with a new twist. There are six rounds of products, and you get to vote on one from each round. Voters for the winning deal will be randomly selected to get that deal on purchase day. The first round consists of a Nintendo Wii for $US79, a 40gb PlayStation 3 for $US139, or an Xbox 360 Arcade system for $US99. Right now the Wii is winning with a whopping 55%, so it looks like that will most likely be the deal come buying day. Can you imagine not only getting the hardest to find console for Christmas for $170 below retail? Do dream it - be it. Hit the link below and vote!

Amazon Customers Vote [ - Thanks Luan!]


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