Animal Crossing Charms in the Wild (World)

ACCharm.jpg Kotakuite Presto117 sends in this picture of an Animal Crossing charm he/she got from a gashapon machine found in an "Asian buffet" named appropriately Asian Buffet. Animal Crossing aficionados will recognise the six character styles available:

• Boy • Blanca • Mabel • Mallary • Brewster • Elvis • Aurora

Having returned from Japan with a sick "charm" obsession, seeing this makes me want to search every Asian buffet I come across until I find these. Hopefully Presto 117 will save me the trouble and just let me send him/her a check to go and get them for me. I only wish there was a KK Slider available.



    They have those at newsagents all over the place too. You don't have to just go searching 'Asian Buffets"

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