Anyone for Elder Scrolls Online?

oblivion1.jpgThe folks over at Voodoo Extreme, bless their cotton socks, noticed that ZeniMax Online has registered the domain For those not in the know, ZeniMax owns Bethesda, and as such, all the developer’s properties.

Don’t bother directing your browser to the site – it’s not up yet.

Now, this really shouldn’t come as a big surprise – ZeniMax Online’s been gearing up for a while now. Being an open world RPG series, Elder Scrolls is a ripe IP for the massively multiplayer gaming market.

I still think ZeniMax Online was also set up to take over work on the Fallout MMO, in case Interplay isn’t up to it. That we’ll know more about next year.

Elder Scrolls Online? [Voodoo Extreme]


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