Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Death Smiles

deathsmilesfront.jpg Usually, the focus of Arcade Flyer Art Saturday is ton retro arcade games, but this week I actually picked a game that only just came out. Why you may ask? Read on and see...

Death Smiles was released in the middle of October 2007 by Cave. The title is a side scrolling shooter that features girls with magical powers and the ability to fly. The whole game has a macabre atmosphere with traditional gothic horror trappings such as pumpkins, witches, bats, familiars, worms etc. The game is controlled with a joystick and three buttons: One button shoots left, one shoots right and the other throws a bomb. A lock-on guided missile attack is also accessible by hitting a combo. Your regular attacks mostly consist of shooting electrical rays at your enemies or jabbing them with your demon scissors or sword. Seeing as it has just come out there's not much more I can say about the game having not really played it (you can see a clip of it here) , but the real fun comes in the form of the flyer, or at least the back of it.The thing that attracted me to this flyer in the first place was the girl in white. While I was in Japan, I became obsessed with the "Gothic Lolita" girls that I saw hanging around Harajuku. For those of you not in the know, Gothic Lolita is a fashion trend that consists of gals dressed in overly frilly, Victorian doll-like outfits. And these are no thrown together outfits either. Each one is meticulously put together with matching shoes, aprons, tiny hats, bonnets and sometimes even wigs. It was quite an amazing thing to see them walking down the street on a Wednesday afternoon in all their finery with their parasols out to protect their delicate skin.

So, needless to say, one glance at the flyer and I was hooked. Then finding out more about the game and it's gothic horror style play I became more interested. Spooky things have always fascinated me and I am a huge fan of survival horror and Castlevania type games dating back to Ghouls and Ghosts and beyond. So there we were two reasons for me to love the game. So I clicked through to the page that contained the back of the flyer and I was completely sold.

On the back there is a little game that you can put together that shows the back of a girl's lower half in stockings and panties. You attach a petti-coat and a skirt to the girls body and then set up little tokens of some graves and jack o' lantern's. Then, according to the drawn instructions (I can't read the written ones as they are in Japanese - is anyone wants to translate, feel free!) you inexplicably blow on the tokens, sending them and the hapless girl's skirt into the air revealing her panties. (They really need to make a version of this with Kratos or perhaps Dante) I'm not really sure how you actually score the points, but does it really matter? Now I guess we know why Death smiles.

You can click here to get the full sized version from TAFA.



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