Arcade Flyer Art Saturday: Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters

legunfightersafas.jpg Today's Arcade Flyer Art Saturday is special because not only does it have great flyer art, but I played this game just this afternoon in my friends basement. And not on some MAME emulation, but on the honest to goodness stand up machine.

Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters was produced in 1994 by Konami as a follow up to, what else, Lethal Enforcers. The original game had you playing a police officer out to clean up the city where criminals are off on a crime spree. For the follow up, they went back in time to the old west where you played a sheriff out to kill outlaws off on a crime spree. Hmm... sounds familiar.The game was a shooter and "controlled" with two plastic light gun six shooters that held six rounds each (obviously). To reload, you aimed off the screen and pulled the trigger, a device that would be used by many games that would follow including the ever popular House of the Dead. The graphics were all (badly) digitized photos that included all the backgrounds and the characters. There were five different levels: The Bank Robbery, The Stage Hold-Up, The Saloon Showdown, The Train Robbery, and The Hide-Out, each of which ended with a boss battle.

The gameplay was very much like a simple shooting gallery with different bad guys popping up in windows or doorways. The goal was to try and take out the enemies before they shot you which was usually pretty easy since most of them went down in one shot. If they did shoot you however, a bullet hole would appear on the screen made to look like the screen had cracked from the bullet's impact. Further challenge was added by putting innocent townspeople and other posse members into the mix.

At the end of each level, performance was evaluated by ranks that included Posse, Deputy, Sheriff, Deputy Marshal and finally U.S. Marshal. You started off the game as a Sheriff and shooting well and not hitting innocents would cause your rank to increase. If you shot an innocent, you lost your rank and would be demoted.

Additional weapons could be picked up throughout the game such as 50 calibre sharps, rifles, double rigs, shotguns, Gatling guns, and cannons. The latter two weapons were single use only but the rest would remain in your possession until you were shot, returning you to your normal six shooter.

While I was checking out the game this afternoon, my friend pointed out the awful cabinet art and I crossed my fingers that it would be represented in the flyer art and much to my delight, it was. the more of these flyers I look at, the more I've come to love these photographic ones. There's always a certain cheapness to them that I get a kick out of. This one is especially good with it's cheezy western town background and rental costumes. The "outlaws" are appropriately grungy and tattered and the good guys (and girl) even have the obligatory white hats. I love the girl's gunslinging pose; one hand resting on the hip as she easily blows the bad guy away. But the standout of the piece by far is the sheriff's hair. Because as we all know from the history books, a sweet mullet is truly how the West was won.

[Flyer courtesy TAFA]


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