Asian Hellgate: London Servers To Get Wiped

hellgatewipe.jpg The already rocky launch of Hellgate: London in Asia has gotten even rockier. After several weeks of server crashing issues, a patch known as Patch0 was created to help solve the problem. After numerous attempts to apply the patch to the servers it was discovered that the only way to make it work would be to perform a complete character wipe. Needless to say, Asian players of the game who have spent hours leveling up their characters are furious and in an attempt to appease them, IAH Games is offering players a months worth of free play time. Now at least they won't have to pay for all the time they will have to spend grinding back up to where they were before the wipe if they choose to continue playing.

You can read IAH Game's notice about the wipe after the jump

[Urgent News]Implementation of Patch0 10/11/2007 Gamers, Thank you for your patience while we worked to upload Patch0 onto our local servers. For the past two weeks, IAHGames and our partners have worked overnight almost everyday as they attempted to implement Patch0 onto our existing servers. In the end, it has been determined that there is no way to implement Patch0 onto our Hellgate: London servers without also discarding relevant player data. Because of this, when Patch0 is installed on Tuesday, there will be a complete character wipe.

|We understand this event is frustrating for you, and we are sorry for the problems in implementing Patch0. As compensation, we are providing all gamers who purchased both the Standard and Collector's Edition Box Sets 4 weeks of free subscription benefits. Each box already includes 30 days of free subscription benefits, meaning all of you will be entitled to 60 days of free subscription when the service becomes active around the end of the year.

IAHGames and our partners have taken this event very seriously, and yesterday our CEO and Deputy CEO flew to Seoul to discuss the issue with the CEO of HanbitSoft. As a result of the meeting, HanbitSoft has graciously agreed support IAH Games' decision to provide free subscription time as compensation. HanbitSoft and Flagship Studios have also agreed to provide all further patches on par with US patching time lines, to ensure the SEA version of Hellgate: London stays up-to-date. The implementation of Patch0 and subsequent character wipe will occur at 1200hrs(GMT+8) on Monday, November 12. After the Patch is implemented, a comprehensive test will be run to ensure there are no further problems. The process will take about 8 hours. We would like to repeat we are sorry for the delay and the frustration it may have caused you. Please accept the game time as compensation, and thank you for your support until this point.

Sincerely, Team HGL


    Good thing I haven't received my Asian version yet. :D

    This game, it's a pity.

    They could have done so much more to make it more entertaining. My gf and I played it solid for a week and gave up with the buggy server and lack of other players.

    I really wanted to love this game!

    Man I feel really sorry for hellgate. Its having a really rough time. And a bad MMO launch can kill a game. Because if you dont get a bunch of people playing at the start, there's not much hope.

    Amen to that - I played Vanguard at launch, 'nuff said.

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