Assassin's Creed For PS3 Seeing Lock Ups, "White Screen Of Death"

assassinscreed_freeze.jpgIrate PlayStation 3 owners are reporting a host of technical problems with their copies of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, writing of frame rate problems, screen tearing, geometry clipping and game-stopping lock ups on the official game forums. Most reports from those affected by "white screens of death" are writing that they're using firmware 2.0, specifying so at the request of official Ubisoft forum managers. In addition to a thread dedicated to the PS3's freezing issues, a consolidated bug/glitch thread is currently receiving plenty of responses.

Similar postings have appeared on the official PlayStation 3 and Gamespot forums, with a few Kotaku tipsters warning us of the game's graphical and loading glitches. We're waiting to hear further information from Ubisoft, but would urge caution and research for potential Assassin's Creed buyers.

For PS3 Users Experiencing Freezing Issues In Assassin's Creed. [Ubisoft - thanks, Lasse]


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