Assassin's Creed Novels Assassinated

stevenbarnes.jpgIn a post on his personal blog, Steven Barnes has announced that his planned trilogy of books based off of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed have been canned. According to Barnes, descendants of the original Ismaili Hashashim sect visited Ubisoft and demanded their ancestors be treated with more respect.

Next thing we knew, they wanted to remove all religious references from the book. I guess the Crusades were about shoe size or something. Then they hired an expert to vet the book. Curious that they hadn't thought about that before, eh? And finally, they wanted to send the book to the Agha Khan's people for their suggestions. By this time, Marco was thoroughly disenchanted. The book was turning into puree of bat shit, and I was no longer amused. The whole three-book project died.

I am seriously bummed, as Steven Barnes collaborated with Larry Niven on the Dream Park series of sci-fi novels, which featured a futuristic form of live action role playing game. The three novels, Dream Park, The Barsoom Project, and The California Voodoo Game rank among my favourite sci-fi novels of all time, so I was really looking forward to Steven's journey into the AC universe. Still, I guess if you deal with an ancient sect of hired killers and come out with only a botched book deal you can't complain all that much.

Why Even Care? [Dar Kush - Thanks TnS!]


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