Assassin's Creed Oz Preorder Comes In Pretty Tin Box

ac_box_front.jpgI could be playing Assassin's Creed right now, but instead I'm here posting about it on Kotaku.

My temporary madness aside, what you see above is the special tin box that preorder customers will receive, once there's enough stock in the country to provide everyone their copy.

Inside is the game; a little sheet of paper telling you how important you are for preordering; a short comic with what looks like spoilers almighty and a bonus DVD.

More shots of the box and its contents after the jump.ac_box_back.jpgThe back of the tin.

ac_box_stuff.jpgThe inside of the tin. Well, what was inside the tin.

ac_box_comic.jpgAnd the comic!


    No shit it does.

    Sorry, I'm just cut because I've got $120 down and still no Assassin's Creed.

    Oh, that guy got sniktted!

    Looks good, not as good as an Altair figure, but still good.

    Once again.. damn you Ubisoft woman...

    So do we get this tin when we go to pick up our pre-ordered game on Wednesday?

    But, is the DVD any good?

    NickyJ, it depends on the retailer I think. EB offers the tin case for pre-orders, but I have no idea about others.

    Great news thats who I've got it ordered with :)

    So the question is, is the tin, comic and extra dvd worth $40, since I could order the US version for around $65 from Play-Asia

    Is this the CE or do you just get this if you pre-ordered ???

    anyone know if the comic will be a regular series? or just a one off for these packages, because judging from the art in it, it's look halfway decent...

    oh, yeah... GIMME ASSASSIN'S CREED!!!

    well just having a pre-order isn't enough, you have to have specifically pre-ordered the limited edition which was dearer than the standard edition, both of which were available for pre-order.

    I'm glad I pre-ordered the special edition... The problem is the 21st can't come around quickly enough!

    At least I've got COD4 and GH3 to tide me over until then...

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