Atari Battling To Retain Dragon Ball Z License

dragon_ball_zzzzz.jpgMore good (read: company collapsing) news for Atari, as Dragon Ball Z licence holder FUNimation has leveled an accusation against the publisher, claiming breach of contract. According to the Gamespot report of the complain, FUNimation sees the licence agreement as terminated, with Atari disagreeing and continuing to sell the games based on the series.

For those who aren't twelve years old, Dragon Ball Z is a long running anime series based on the manga created by Akira Toriyama, who's also responsible for art direction of Dragon Quest and Blue Dragon, among other non-dragony things. Dragon Ball also happens to be one of Atari's major revenue sources, in a time when it really, really needs the revenue.

Let's all hope for a speedy resolution, so that our nation's children can continue to enjoy more Dragon Ball goofiness.

Atari fights to keep Dragon Ball Z [Gamespot]


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