Atari CEO Quits, Company Ceases Production

byeatari.jpgOoooh, look. Vultures. Circling. At a decidedly low altutude. Atari's woes are continuing, with CEO David Pierce quitting his job, no doubt screaming "screw the women and children!" as he ran cackling from the office. They've also announced that they're ceasing games production to focus on publishing and distribution, and have begun farming out their IPs, with Test Drive being sold back to parent company Infogrames for $US 5 million. In advance, of course. Someone care to do the honourable thing and just put them out of their misery?

Atari Exits Production as CEO Resigns [Next-Gen][Image]


    They just need to dig out that landfill in New Mexico - all those copies of E.T. must be worth something now... right? right?!

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