Atlus Comes To The Xbox 360

spectral_force_3.jpgPublisher Atlus has joined the ranks of third-party publishers bringing Xbox 360 games to North America, announcing today the localisation of Operation Darkness and Spectral Force 3. Largely known for the North American publishing of games like Odin Sphere, Persona and the Trauma Center series, the company's first two titles are a pair of tactical RPGs already released in Japan.

Operation Darkness sees players take on a supernatural Adolf Hitler in an alternate universe World War II and Spectral Force 3 involves a fantasy world embroiled in the Great Neverland War. Teaser sites for both Operation Darkness at Spectral Force 3 are now up at the official Atlus site.


    I've always loved Atlus' art style, and this is very welcome news. Unfortunately, I'm not too psyched on battling a 'Supernatural Hitler' or partaking in 'The Great Neverland War'. Seriously, there's so many jokes oriented with just using those 2 names that it makes me cringe with major discomfort at what else those games might have in store.

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