Auran’s Fury Gets First Free Content Update

Auran’s Fury Gets First Free Content Update
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The Brisbane developer’s hack’n’slash MMO has been in the wild for only a couple of months, but already there’s a content pack waiting like a giant, massively multiplayer bat in the rafters of the studio.

The update, entitled “Age of the Chosen“, will feature a buttload of changes, including a new 1v1 game mode; improved user interface; tweaked equipment and combat mechanics, and numerous bug fixes.

Auran expects to deliver the content update by December 14, which is roughly two-and-a-half weeks from now.

Press release and more information after the jump.

For Immediate Release: Brisbane, Australia, November 26, 2007

Auran Games today announced details of the first Free Content Update to its fast-paced arena combat game FURY. The huge new add-on, titled ‘Age of the Chosen’, is expected to go live on the FURY servers on December 14th 2007.

A new website detailing the changes is now available at:

This free content update is available to all players and brings many improvements and enhancements, as well as introducing additional game types and maps to the world of FURY.

Auran CEO, Tony Hilliam, explains: “We set out with the goal of making FURY fast and fun for all players. The Age of the Chosen add-on focuses on helping new players prepare for the furious action as well as introducing a host of features requested by our hardcore fans. Feedback from new players was that the pacing was too fast and confusing. To remedy this and help players grow into the game, we created the ‘Carnage’ game type. Carnage pits two teams of four players in indirect competition where the focus is killing bots to earn points rather than simply smashing your opponents into submission. We’ve also improved the tutorial and created practice areas where players can spend time getting used to FURY’s uniquely fast paced combat.”

“We’ve also made a number of changes to combat by increasing player survivability, lengthening the decision making time and increasing combat feedback. Furthermore, and in direct response to player’s requests, we’ve made significant improvements to all items in the game. Tiers and rarity will be more meaningful and there will be greater incentives to choose higher Tier armor. This of course means players can spend even more time tweaking their favorite Incarnation to keep within our 1000 Equip Point limit.”

“FURY has always been about player skill over button mashing and we think players will really enjoy the improvements to the combat system”, said Cameron McNeil, Lead Systems Designer. “We’ve also made a number of changes to the Sanctarum vendors, improved the User Interface and added a ton of bug fixes and polish to the game. We are looking forward to a large number of our customers and free trial players checking out the changes as we continue towards our goal of making FURY the Number One PvP game in the world.”

The list of changes include:
“¢ New ‘Carnage’ game type with three maps.
“¢ 1 v 1 Elimination game type with four maps.
“¢ Improved tutorial.
“¢ Streamlined interface.
“¢ NPC number and placement changes.
“¢ Rebalanced and improved equipment system.
“¢ Combat mechanics changes.
“¢ Improved combat feedback.
“¢ Bugs fixes, performance improvements and general polish.

For full details on the changes visit

The add-on is expected to be available for download on December 14, 2007.

Contact Information.
Website: -and-
Contact: Phil ‘Vortal’ White
[email protected]

About Auran
Established in 1995, Auran is one of Australia’s largest and most respected game developers. Boasting an 80 strong international development team, Auran is currently working on three titles; the world leading Trainz Railroad Simulator, now in its 6th Edition with more than 1 million copies sold; BattleStar Galactica for XBLA; and FURY, the innovative PvP MMO game that is shaking up the world of competitive online gaming.

This document includes certain forward-looking statements, including statements regarding Auran’s ability to improve their services. These statements are based on the current expectations or beliefs of management of Auran, and are subject to uncertainty and changes in circumstances.


  • More content for a game that reviewed *extremely* poorly and as far as I know, really doesn’t have that many players.

    Its the first massively publicised game my hometown released was so crappy 🙁

  • @ Shoitaan:

    You’ve obviously read the reviews, and I can’t disagree with your assessment. You might want to take a look at the mini-site and the list of upcoming changes, though, as this update addresses key complaints commonly raised in the reviews.

  • “Its A SHAME the first massively…”
    I gotta stop posting from work unless I have at least 2 coffees in me.

    Alex Weekes.. why does that sound familiar? I want to say NCSoft Europe…
    Didn’t Alex leave NCSoft and come back to aus?

    But thats a different mystery.
    As for Fury, I hope the patch does make it better as I was quite looking forward to this game before I saw some of the gameplay vids and realised it was more Unreal Tournament in 3rd person with a crappy interface than a contender to (my personal mental) bar of excellence set by Guild Wars PvP. I might still download the free trial and give it a whirl, but as for Fury itself, the damage has been done.

    I think it was one of the blizzard devs who was speaking at a conference earlier this year and mentioned that it doesn’t matter how much an MMO changes as time progresses as its initial impact upon release is whats going to ultimately determine its fate and the level of publicity/word of mouth its going to recieve.
    Sadly given that Fury had such a poor showing at the start, I think this may slowly whirl the drain till the inevitable journey into the abyss of nothingness and bad plumbing.

  • @ Shoitaan:

    You have a good memory :).

    We have a hard fight ahead of us, that’s very true. The team here is determined to get the game right, though, and with dedication amazing things can happen. Just look at EVE.

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