Aussie Sales Charts

sydferry.jpgNo greater testament to the great Australian sense of apathy than the continued presence of Halo 3 at the top. Instead of the mad rush to the register seen elsewhere, Australian 360 owners are more "Ah, bugger it, I'll get it next week". Still, lazy or not, enough copies were bought to keep newcomers The Orange Box and SingStar RnB from the #1 spot.

1) Halo 3 2) Crash Of The Titans 3) The Orange Box (360) 4) SingStar RnB 5) Phantom Hourglass 6) Drawn To Life 7) Buzz! Hollywood Quiz 8) Juiced 2 9) The Orange Box (PC) 10) FIFA 08 (PS2)

[charts courtesy of GfK]


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