Aussie Sales Charts

alburystation.jpgBig week last week for Australia. No Brain Training. No SingStar. Crazy, crazy, crazy days. And while Australians shunned those old stalwarts, they most definitely did not shun Call of Duty 4, and they most definitely did not shun Guitar Hero III. Oh, and the week's "A For Effort" Encouragement Award goes to Metroid Prime 3, which debuts at #10 long after many had forgotten it wasn't even out here yet.

1) Call of Duty 4 (360) 2) Guitar Hero III (PS2) 3) Guitar Hero III (360) 4) Big Brain Academy (Wii) 5) Ratatouille (DS) 6) Crash of the Titans (PS2) 7) Call of Duty 4 (PS3) 8) Call of Duty 4 (PC) 9) Spyro: Eternal Night (PS2) 10) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

[charts courtesy of GfK]


    Ahh Albury Train Station. One of the longest platforms around.
    There's a PS2 joke in there somewhere, but it eludes me.

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