Australian Sales Charts

parkesscope.jpgPlease. Cover your eyes. Duck and cover. Whatever. Just...try not to look at these charts any longer than is absolutely necessary. While Crysis, Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty all make respectable showings, the remainder of the charts are...forgettable. Regrettable, even. Australia, this week you have covered yourself in naught but shame.

1) Smackdown v Raw 2008 (PS2) 2) The Simpsons Game (PS2) 3) The Simpsons Game (DS) 4) Big Brain Academy (Wii) 5) Guitar Hero III (PS2) 6) High School Musical (PS2) 7) Call of Duty 4 (360) 8) High School Musical (DS) 9) Call of Duty 4 (PS3) 10) Crysis (PC)

[charts courtesy of GfK]


    Well the solution for developers is pretty clear: games need more Zac Efron

    Shameful indeed!

    GH3 (though not on the PS2), COD4 and Crysis are the only games on that list I'd even consider for more than a nanosecond (Actually, if I wasn't poor at the moment, I'd jump on all three :D)

    I've lost all hope in the Australian gaming community. I mean, wrestling? Come on.
    I know most of the sales come from parents buying their kids games, but seriously mum and dad, get a clue. Wasn't Metroid Prime 3 released last week? If so, wow, epic fail. I just hope next weeks charts will look a little more respectable for us Aussies.

    Hmmmmm. VERY surprised that no one in Australia (shame on you journalists) have bothered to investigate why the charts are so out of wack in this country. THEY DO NOT INCLUDE SALES DATA FROM EB GAMES - THE BIGGEST GAMES RETAIL OUTFIT IN AUSTRALIA. They sell a LARGE % of the 'good' games not in this list. Look into it.

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