Axiom Overdrive Seeks XBLA Puzzle Pilots

axiomoverdrive.jpgI really appreciate it when a developer has fun with their game. Not just from a gameplay standpoint, but overall. Take Reflexive Entertainment, who just today announced their physics-based puzzle-game for Xbox Live Arcade, Axiom Overdrive. They've created an entire website for the Axiom Corporation, including job listings:

The Axiom Corporation is always looking for qualified O.T.F. pilots with a >385 cert rating. Previous experience within at least one remote asteroid mining facility is a must. Having worked for extended periods in high G wave environments (neutron star orbit) is highly advantageous.

Remote asteroid mining? Dude, I played EVE Online for an hour. I have TONS of asteroid mining experience. I just hope the job is flexible enough to let me blog.

Independent developer Reflexive Entertainment announces XBLA title Axiom Overdrive

Original Physics Based Action /Puzzle Game from the Award-Winning Wik: Fable of Souls team.

Lake Forest, CA - November 6, 2007 - Reflexive Entertainment, Inc. in conjunction with The Axiom Corporation proudly announces that the mining colony 'AF128' in orbit above Neutron Star PSR B1913+16 is now in full production.

With the mine in full production, The Axiom Corp. mining company is now preparing for a massive hiring program of O.T.F. pilots. Pilots in the employ of The Axiom Corporation immerse themselves in the kinetic world of the mining colony AF128. Inside the mine, pilots discover side-scrolling, omni-directional, 3D, physics-based job challenges that will push their piloting skills while dazzling their eyes.

The Axiom Corporation, in conjunction with Reflexive Entertainment, Inc., is known for it's innovation, and the mining colony on AF128 has been created to showcase our latest technological advances. We look forward to unveiling more information to the known universe about our mining colony on AF128, and our O.T.F. pilot employment program, in the near future.

To learn more about opportunities with The Axiom Corporation, please read the transmissions from AF128 as they are posted each week on


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