BBFC Admits No Proven Link Between Games And Violence

bbfc.jpgThe BBFC have been in the news a bit lately. Tonight, even! And for mostly the wrong reasons. This won't help their cause. Taking their turn to speak at the appeal over Manhunt 2's ban in the UK, Andrew Caldecott, who is representing the BBFC, said:

The board's position is that there is insufficient evidence to prove, as a fact, there is a causal connection between violent games and behavioural harm... It's a perfectly fair point, and one which we accept, but it's not by any means a complete answer to the question the [Video Appeals Committee]has to decide.

So... the rest of their answer is made up of the personal opinion and conjecture of a small group of nutty fuddy-duddies instead? Wonderful.

No evidence connecting games and violence, says BBFC []


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