Ben Judd Can Relate with Remake Rage

BCchangesarmpodcast.jpg It's hard remaking things. Not because the source material is so great, but because people's memories of that original source material is so strong. Take Bionic Commando, for example. When the main character's design was unveiled, people freaked out! He had dreads and hots dogs in his mechanical arm. Capcom Producer Ben Judd knows exactly what it's like to behind a remake of an original game everyone knows and loves. He also like giant robots fighting, so he cam sympathise somewhat.

Says Judd:

I think people have a comfort zone. So, as long as you stay plus or minus five within that, they'll allow you to be innovative to a certain degree. But if you overstep that too much and give something that's totally unique and different, then it's too hard to swallow, I think, a lot of the time. People say they want originality, but what they really what is what they're used to with a little sprinkle of originality on top. 'Cause we like what we are comfortable with. That's human nature in general. So, honestly speaking, I was a little disappointed. But at the same time, I can see where they are coming from, because I experienced a very similar emotion when I saw the first Transformer movie character design. I mean, it's sad, but a hundred percent I think I felt the same way. 'What the hell is this? These are the Transformers that I knew. Optimus Prime does not look like this. Screw that, I'm not gonna go see that movie.' That's exactly the same feelings I felt as a fan... But I did go to see the movie. And if I say I like it, people are gonna go, 'Oh my gosh, he liked Transformers, he's gonna screw up Bionic Commando.' And if I say I don't like it, then I'm a hypocrite. That's a lose-lose question.

The hair really doesn't bother us that much at all, so we can't fathom why people are bitching about that. Those hot dogs in his bionic arm? Those complaints we TOTALLY understand. 2nd Podcast [Official Site]


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