Best Buy Holding Rock Band Midnight Launches

best_buy_midnight.jpgRock Band has long been touted by Harmonix as a platform, not simply a video game. With a retail price greater than the PlayStation 2, plus a batch of downloadable songs that could cost as much as a respectable gaming library, not to mention retail scarcity normally reserved for console hardware, they may have been right.

Now, with mega retailer pushing a midnight launch of the Harmonix and MTV Games developed rhythm game, it's going to lead to more comparisons. Midnight launches for games are rare, typically only for massive marquee releases like Halo 3. Best Buy, however, is opening dozens of its nationwide stores at midnight next week to get Rock Band into people's hands early.

For a full list of stores that will play home to line campers next Monday, hit the link below, courtesy of our friends at MEGATONik.

Rock Band Midnight Store Openings [Best Buy via Megatonik]


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