Best Buy Store Busted Lying About Wii Availability

bestbuylogo.jpgOops. A Best Buy store in Princeton, NJ, was caught out the other day lying to customers about the availability of Wii consoles. And not just lying...lying through theatre. Consumerist reader John writes:

I was standing near the back of the store when one of their salespeople came strolling from a back door holding a Nintendo Wii over his head, and started walking the aisles announcing that it was their last unit. I followed, wondering both how quickly would it get snatched up and how quickly could I decide if I wanted to buy it. It took a few minutes for a couple to come rushing up to claim it, exclaiming how happy their kids were going to be.

Good for them! Thing is, half an hour later, another employee did it again. And again. And, most likely, again. They didn't have one Wii console left. They had loads. If you live in that area, be a dear and don't shop there. Try TJ Maxx instead. Best Buy Employees Selling "The Last Wii" Over And Over Again? [Consumerist]


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