Big Friggin Spider

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Getting Ready for America Help

I got up about 5 a.m. this morning and headed straight to the breakfast table to hop onto the site and make sure everything was chugging along. After spending an hour or so getting caught up on the emails and posts, my wife walked into the room, stopped in her tracks, pointed above my head and started to scream. I jumped out of my chair and ran next to her, turned around and started screaming too. Poised about two-feet from where my head was, on a nearby wall, was a really big spider, a huntsman to be specific. Sure, they're not really dangerous, in fact they eat other spiders... and maybe birds and small dogs, but anything that you can see wink at you shouldn't have eight legs and fur.

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    I accidentally tore one of my favourite shirts once because a huntsman was on it, spiders suck. Also, why is there so many god damn spiders in games? Especially Star Wars Galaxies, god dammit.

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