Big Mergers Are Off The Menu, Says EA Boss

giantriccit.jpgThose tumultuous, exciting days of big corporate takeovers in the gaming business are just about done, reckons EA boss John Riccitiello. Think it helps in his line of thinking that they just picked up BioWare and Pandemic? Bet it does.

Is it ripe (for mergers), or has it already been picked? I would argue that it's been largely picked.

That doesn't mean it's done. I think there will be more consolidation to come. But let's just say a lot has already happened.

OK, John, so if the BIG takeovers are done, what's a company to do if it's looking for a bargain? Man's got an answer: either spend that cash in shoring up your own internal development studios with a quality creative team, or...make more casual games. Whichever suits.

EA chief sees fewer big industry mergers [Reuters]


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