BioShock For PS3 Rumours Resurface Via EGM

bioschock_ps3_rumor_x.jpgThere has been no shortage of speculation on a PlayStation 3 release of critical and commercial darling BioShock, but 2K Games, Microsoft and Ken Levine have done their best to smash any rumours about such a port. And while we're growing quite tired of being emotionally torn apart at the seams by a potential PS3 version, the rumour has cropped up one more time. This time the source of the talk is EGM's long running editorial nom de plume Quartermann. "There's a change in the tide, as the world of Rapture may be Cell-enabled in 2008", Quartermann writes.

Will we be at all surprised when BioShock is finally officially confirmed as the latest table scrap to be handed down from the plate of exclusivity? Nope. We won't be surprised by the infighting when presented with a side-by-side comparison video in the comments either.

Quartermann: More MGS PSP, More Sonic Games [1UP]


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