Black Friday on PSN Starts Now, Save 50%

258751_full.jpgNow here's the kind of Black Friday sale we can get into. Here are the very specific instructions to save 50% on PlayStation Store downloads.

1. Sit your arse on the couch. 2. Load up your PS3. 3. Download Calling All Cars or Everyday Shooter for just $US 5, or 50% off 4. Download flOw or PixelJunk Racers for just $US 5, or 30% off 5. Play games, laugh at freezing masses, scratch testicles at will—should you have them. The deal is going on now through Nov 29th.

PlayStation Store Update [via vh1]


    I'd rather not be bent over for

    micro(soft!!! damn you!)-transaction nonsense!

    pffft. DONT BUY ON THE PSN!

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