Blacksite's "Hidden" Political Message

blacksi.jpg Michael Abbott's 'The Brainy Gamer' blog has been taking a cerebrally enhanced look at Harvey Smith and Midway's shooter Blacksite: Area 51, which just came out last week.

Abbott references talk that the game would "invite the player to consider the moral and ethical dimensions of American foreign policy in Iraq", and compares it to his impressions of the game:

"Blacksite: Area 51 is a shooter, and that's basically it. Yes, it begins in Iraq and yes, it contains mission titles like "Misunderestimated" and "Cut and Run," but once the aliens start coming at you, the game unfolds like any other standard shooter."

Thus far, the game doesn't seem to be faring well with critics either, but Abbott's comments raise an interesting question - how much politics do you want embedded in your gaming entertainment?

Blacksite: Where's my subversion? [The Brainy Gamer]


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