Bloody Samus Cosplay Done Right

samus_cosplay.jpgMost cosplay fails from either poor costume construction or the revealing of too much unruly flesh. Few want to see Tifa reimagined as a heroine whose shorts are bursting at the seams with layers of manifested laziness, one reason why the generally slender cosplayers in Japan are held in high regard in such circles. Thankfully, this Metroid Prime-style Samus Aran cosplay, as performing by Swedish student Jenni Källberg hits all the right marks. Good outfit, adequate wig, excellent details and a distinct lack of body sloppiness. Many more photos at the link below.

Final score: A-.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Samus Aran Cosplay [Pixelninja]


    You guys should check out her other cosplays as well. She did a pretty convincing Blood+ as well as Oneesan from Battle Royale (the overly cheerful chick explaining the rules of Battle Royale in the video).

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