Bonjour To Le Empire Of Sports

empire.jpg There's a bit of an oil and water thing going on over at PC gaming blog Rock Paper Shotgun, where the distinctly British Kieron Gillen and Jim Rossignol have taken a jaunt across to Paris to check out upcoming MMO Empire Of Sports, in which there are " orcs, no elves, not even any spaceships - just healthy young folk wielding tennis bats, kicking foot-to-ball spheres, and pumping iron in a world full of gymnasiums."

Starting out with tennis, skiing, and bobsled, and with larger team sports planned for the future, it's explained by the gallivanting duo: "What's key to the Empire of Sports MMO concept is the world itself. This cartoon capital-city area is a linking hub of non-sporting activities that allows players to hang out, interact and organise games. It's a bright, science-fictional caricature of the real world, in which you can travel to the various sports facilities, shop, get tattoos and pick up sporting assignments (basically quests) that allow you to train your character and develop their repertoire of sporting skills."

So, is this exciting? Or just headscratching? Let the commenters decide!

RPS in Paris: Empire Of Sports [Rock Paper Shotgun]


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