Boom Boom Rocket Updates

1174686663.jpgThe interesting, though overtime boring, Xbox Live Arcade title Boom Boom Rocket has gotten a bit of a work over. Starting today, the game will be getting a handful of new capabilities and five new songs. The best part is that all of this is free until Dec. 16 if you already own the game. It will cost you 250 Mpoints after that.

Here's the capability breakdown: · Improved fireworks · Compatibility with guitar and dance mat controllers · Japanese and Korean language support · Controller type visible in leaderboards (can you be #1 on all three...controller, dance mat and guitar peripheral!)

DDBBR? Guitar Rocket Hero? I'm down for that, but what about drum support?

The five new songs will be Eine Kleine Rochtmusik, Cannon in D, Sugar High, Sting of the Bumble Bee and Explode to Joy.

The whole guitar support could really help invigorate this game, I think.


    This is good news. But, are we ever going to get this title down under? The only thing available is a bloomin' theme!!!

    This game is *still* not out in Australia.

    From the Bizarre Creations forum ( "EA are looking into this. The global team are working with the subs, as they believed that the game had already launched in Aus..."

    Good going.

    Why isnt this game on the Aussie XBLA yet doesnt microsoft want to pay for the rights in Australia?

    The forum link I posted mentioned that it's supposed to be out in Australia already but EA's global team believe it's already released. Somebody dropped the ball on this one.

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