Boot Camps Trying To Cure Korea's Online Obsession

bootcamp.jpgWay I see it, there's two ways to curb Korea's rampant obsession with online gaming. One is to ban all players, destroy all computers and shoot those who don't tow the line. Which would be effective, but also a little drastic. Onto plan B, then: boot camp. The NY Times has an interesting article on the "Jump Up Internet Rescue School", a military-styled camp where kids addicted to online gaming can be sent to get acquainted with friendship, routine, the outdoors and hard (physical) work. Computers are banned, online contact is banned and phone contact's restricted to one hour per day. Does it work? Maybe! One participant/inmate, Lee Chang-hoon, says:

I'm not thinking about games now, so maybe this will help. From now on, maybe I'll just spend five hours a day online.

Only five hours? Success!

In Korea, a Boot Camp Cure for Web Obsession [NY Times]


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