Brazil Gets This Wonderful Portable Mega Drive

tectoy.jpgTecToy are Sega for Brazil. Much like iQue are Nintendo for China. It's licensing thing. Anyway, thanks to TecToy, look at what those lucky Brazilians are getting! It's an official portable Genesis/Mega Drive. On the plus side? It's an official "Sega" Genesis/Mega Drive that's coming bundled with 20 games, including Alex Kidd, Sonic & Knuckles, Golden Axe and Ecco. It's also a lovely shade of Sega blue. It's also coming with a TV-out port. On the not-plus side? Those 20 games come pre-installed, and there's no way to add to them. And it runs on...3 AAA batteries. Still. If you're one to overlook shortcomings, and are keen on importing, it's released on December 5 and will set you back around US $100.

Mega Drive vira portátil com 20 jogos [G1, thanks Arthur!]


    Just a touch expensive considering the value of sega games and the fact that you can't add applications.

    Seems like an expensive move considering the rampant world of homebrew on the psp and ds.

    I've been waiting for this day since the dreamcast died. The day of Segas return to console making! Not quite what i expected but it may take them a while to get back in to completely i guess.

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