Breaking: There Is No Shortage Of Homophobes On Xbox Live

And by Xbox Live, I really mean "the internet", the hateful underbelly outlet of many a lonely existence. The above clip, via GayGamer, recorded over the course of 11 nights of Halo 3 online gaming, was captured and edited by an Xbox Live gamer who went by the handle xxxGayBoyxxx. According to the YouTube details on the greatest hits compilation of tacky behavior, the openly gay gamer writes that the responses were unprovoked, but that "not everything in this video was said with hate." The audio is, unsurprisingly, not safe for work, but is very illustrative of the maturity levels in public matches of many online games.


    It seems H3 online is dominated by 12 year old boys, so those kind of comments arent surprising.

    His gamertag doesnt help either.

    Someone bringing my sexual preference into question on the interbutts? INCONCEIVABLE!

    To be honest, it's kind of baiting. It's kind of like an emo sitting in public cutting themself, they're very blatantly putting themselves out there as a target. As an experiment, it's very interesting though. I noticed most people seemed not to actually be homophobic, but were just using the obvious username as a ammo for the common sledging that occurs during any competitive play. Some were even siding with the gay gamer as the life of the party, it sounds like it would have been pretty fun to be in that group of players.

    Just like with anything online, try not to take it to seriously, and if anyone is abusive, use the feedback system and mute them.

    Disgusting, but people joke about things like that. I know that he is openly homosexual, but having a gamertag like that dosen't help.

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