Busted BioShock Big Daddy Buyers Rejoice!

big_daddy_replacement.jpgWhen word broke that many of the Big Daddy figures included with the limited edition version of 2K Games' BioShock shipped damaged, the publisher did its best to make good on addressing the problem. Simply register your complaint, return your busted Big Daddy, then wait patiently for your replacement and complimentary printed art book. A six- to eight-week process, I'm sure.

Today, those afflicted with borked Big Daddy syndrome were delighted to learn that 2K will not require gamers to return their Big Daddies (with Battle Damage!), noting that constant watch of the mail carrier is all that is now required. 2K wrote to its customers: "In the next two weeks, we will begin shipping out a single package containing both the replacement figurine and the art book to customers who enrolled in the program by November 12th. There will be no return box or need to return the broken figurine to our attention."

Your old Big Daddy can therefore be used for rooftop parachuting experiments and the creation of a wide variety of dioramas.


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