Buy Your Way Into A Supporting Role In Fable 2

fable_2_auction.jpgThe annual Child's Play Fundraiser Dinner Auction isn't just a great way to make a contribution to society, it's also the easiest way to buy your way into a supporting role in Lionhead's Fable 2. The dinner, which will be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington on December 11, will feature an auction loaded with coveted Fable 2 prizes. Chief among the biddable items are supporting roles in the Molyneux-led role-playing game that can be named after you. Up for auction are the names of one villager, one farmer, one shopkeeper, one quest character, and one monk. On top of that, all sorts of other goodies, from signed posters to signed underwear will also be on the auction block.

Check out the Lionhead community blog for more information. For those unable to attend, make sure to visit the Child's Play charity web site to learn how you can make a contribution. [Lionhead Community]


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