Bye Bye Banpresto

bandprestologo.jpg Bandai Namco subsidiary Banpresto will be gobbled up. Starting April 1, 2008, Banpresto will be completely merged into the merged BNG megalopolis. Banpresto is best known for publishing Super Robot Wars , the Lupin The Third games and the upcoming Haruhi Suzumiya PS2 title (well, that's how I know them). Starting next spring, it will focus on making prize games for machines, something the company currently does. Banpresto's subsidiaries Pleasure Cast and Hanayashiki will become subsidiaries of Namco. There is an explanation for all this: Bandai Namco is merging subsidiary crazy! Seeya Banpresto [IGN]


    do you still have the lilith and morrigan 1998 prizes and could you gave them to me?

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