Cactus Interviewed On Indie Game Smartness

cleana.jpg There are all kinds of interesting game creators hanging out in the 'crazy indie freeware' bucket, and Cactus is just one of those.

He makes odd retro-looking freeware shoot-em-ups and action titles, such as the well-reviewed "Clean Asia", many available for download on the Cactus Software website, and Tim at Indygamer has interviewed him on his new projects.

He's pretty much the definition of bedroom programmer, though: "'I'd very much like to create a game for XBLA, WiiWare or PSN. Dunno how I'd go about getting there, though. I don't even own a nextgen console." There needs to be more of a talent pickup program to console for some of these talented but tiny developers, already.

Cactus Interview [Independent Gaming]


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