Call of Duty 4 Busts Out Funny Arabic Mistakes

n618609256_448379_6903.jpg Sure, we've seen our share of funny in-game English. But what about other languages? Just because we can look at other cultures failed attempts at the English language, does that mean Western developers are free from foreign language fuck ups? Nope. Reader Hatem points to the Arabic in Call of Duty 4. Arabic is read right to left, but many of the in-game Arabic signs have been mirrored right to left so they come out backwards, funny and strange to native speakers. As Hatem points out, almost all the letters in Arabic connect. More often than not, the in-game signs feature Arabic letters that don't connect, changing meaning. Explains Hatem:

at first glance an arab reading person would think : WTF?? ... turns out they read "ضربة قاضية" which means "K.O aka Knock Out" , but here's where it got fucked up , arabic is one of those languages where almost all letters connect, but that didn't happen in this texture heh , and they made the mistake of writing it from left to right <_<;

That's not all. Hit the jump for more COD4 Arabic language mishaps!


another example of fucked up by separating the letters and then writing them from left to right , this one says : "وحدانية" , i assumed by the fist image that they wanted it to mean "Unity" but the word they used usually means "Solitude" , it shoulda been "وحدوية" or "وحدة"

n618609256_448382_8415.jpg And, this isn't so much a boo-boo, but a funny:

well .. nothing wrong with this one , i just found it funny that the company name is "Whomever Tourism Co." or "Anyones Tourism Co." hehe

Interesting stuff! Thanks, Hatem!


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