Call Of Duty 4 Oz Steam Price Doubles Overnight

cod4steam.jpgThe eagle eyes of tipster Lev Arris picked up on the fact that Activision’s Call of Duty 4 offering on Steam close to doubled in price last night, from $US 49.95 to $US 88.50.

For comparison, here’s the US version of Steam’s CoD 4 page with the original deal.

According to a local Activision representative, the $US 49.95 price for our region was an error on Steam’s part, not Activision’s, and should never have been listed as such, as it was essentially undercutting Oz retailers. The increase is therefore a correction rather than a planned mark-up. Regardless, it still smarts.

Props to those who noticed the deal during the 11 or so days it lasted.

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