Call Of Duty 4 Oz Steam Price Doubles Overnight

cod4steam.jpgThe eagle eyes of tipster Lev Arris picked up on the fact that Activision's Call of Duty 4 offering on Steam close to doubled in price last night, from $US 49.95 to $US 88.50.

For comparison, here's the US version of Steam's CoD 4 page with the original deal.

According to a local Activision representative, the $US 49.95 price for our region was an error on Steam's part, not Activision's, and should never have been listed as such, as it was essentially undercutting Oz retailers. The increase is therefore a correction rather than a planned mark-up. Regardless, it still smarts.

Props to those who noticed the deal during the 11 or so days it lasted.

Steam - Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ [Steam Powered]


    PRICKS! I buy on Steam because it's in line with the US prices. I'm not even going to bother buying this anymore, I'll just hire it from my local video store for a week for $18. >:(

    Bastards. How on earth can they justify this? Especially when Steam means it's digitally distributed.

    That is ridiculous, why would anyone want to buy it on steam if it costs more (you can get it for $80AU in stores), you dont get a box/manual and you need to use steam to activate it.

    Shame Activision, makes a mokery of the usual publisher arguement that we have to pay more due to shipping etc. No seems like we have to pay more simply cause we are cash cows waiting to be milked.

    It is this kind of BS price gouging that drives people insane. There is no valid reason to up the price from steam considering it is a digital distribution system with very low overheads, the price for digital distribution SHOULD BE AT A DISCOUNT to boxed goods purchased at a retail outlet.

    If wholesalers/retailers in Australia would actually pass on the benefit of the higher Aussie dollar I would consider buying more games at retail outlets in this country, acts like this only serve to re-enforce my position that they don't deserve my hard earned and for now I will continue to purchase games from overseas vendors.

    I've actually been buying alot of stuff from Steam over the last few years - because they're one of the few ways of getting a FAIR price on games in Australia. Why is something $88 in one region and $50 in another? Its not like they have to pay for shipping!

    Criminal price gouging, plain and simple. Steam won't be getting any of my business in future if they keep this up.

    What a bunch of price gouging f**ks.

    too long have the games retailers here ignored the growing strength of our dollar and continue markup the prices on games ridiculously.

    This reeks of price fixing and collusion from the Australian retailers and the off shore publishers to further rape our wallets.

    there's my reason to boycott activision on steam.

    i'll make sure to notify my steam friends too.

    this is beyond appalling. there must be a way to counter this as consumers.

    crap, did those new boycott laws come through yet?


    I import most of my games because of the insane prices in Australia. It's not like we earn 90% more than most people in the US.

    What a joke.

    I reckon this should be taken up by the ACCC cause this to me really smells of price fixing

    This is not steam/valves fault.

    Well, except for making their product able to discriminate based on where you live.

    I'm sure Activision won't be making people who use steam in thailand able to buy COD 4 for $10/15/25 US, which is what they are used to.

    At least THQ simply don't offer their program to Australia. It's less of a kick in the guts than offering it, withdrawing it, and then doubling the price overnight for AN IDENTICAL PRODUCT, which will cost the same AS A RETAIL BOX.

    Of course, we know why, and that's because anyone from there who uses steam is giving them profit.

    The only good side to this is that it's starting to mobilise the people into realising just how badly we are getting ripped off. The last game I bought at retail here was ETQW, it cost $100 AUD, complete waste of money, I've had to sell it for $50 because no-one is playing it online and the clan scene is dead. Activision game too.

    I was going to take the money and get steam COD4 to play online, but why bother when I'll now get charged full price, and have to bear the cost of downloading the 6 gb files.

    Now I will might pirate it to play the single player (if I can be bothered to download the behemoth 6gb files), and maybe if I can be bothered when it's on zest (in a month) buy it from there for the price of about $20 US.

    off to play-asia :)

    This is bullshit, i brought it on the Xbox 360 for $109 and was gonna buy it on PC via steam to have even more epic multiplayer but screw that, i cant justify $200 total, $150 was bareable. Screw them, why does australia get shafted for profit.

    This really, *really* makes me angry. There is no reasonable justification for doing this. Undercutting retailers? If they can't stay competitive, that's *their* problem, not mine! I'm sick to death of Australia getting screwed in pricing *and* getting screwed in when we're allowed to have things. I'm sick of us being treated like second class gamers because of where we live.

    You know what Activision? Go to hell. You're not getting any more of my money. Ever. I know I won't personally make much of a difference, but hopefully there will be enough pissed off Aussie gamers to make them take notice.

    Joining the angry mob here. I payed $50US for Cod4 via Steam and would not have spent a dollar more. The same goes for the Orange box. There is no justification for charging more than $50US for any single game on any platform. Looks like I won't be buying any games from Activision or THQ any time soon.

    Why not send an email to Activision and let them know? I did. you can do so on their website at the bottom under "contact".

    Bummer was, I was watching the price of CoD4 on steam cause I was hoping for a discount of maybe 5%. I guess I watched for too long.

    Of note also is that the price for ET:QW rose overnight as well. It has a discount running atm, but the base price for Aus went from $49.95 to $57.50.

    I am seriously hoping this is not a trend. Steam has always provided games at reasonable prices relative to the exchange rate. It is just in the last 3 months or so it has become a REALLY good deal.

    I am interesting in getting Kayne&Lynch for it's co-op, and buying on Steam was the obvious choice. But I'm now wondering what it's price is going to be.

    Maybe the idea is to buy it as soon as it is available in case the same thing happens.

    Also part of the angry mob. I might also give a shout out to all the people on this thread who also refuse to pay Aussie prices on games.

    The real question is can anyone tell me seriously if we would have a leg to stand on if we complain to the ACCC? If so could we set up a proforma letter for us all to print out and send?

    I was about to buy COD4 on steam. Now I'll just buy it 2nd hand.

    End result - instead of Activision getting US$50 - steam's cut, they'll get US$0 from me.

    Plus, I'll now go out of my way to only by Activision titles 2nd hand.

    Activision, you suck!

    Pissed off Aussie.

    Well I must say I personally am offended at this price increase.

    When I just signed on to Steam and saw the price I thought it must have been a bug, but then I read the forums and see the Aussies are getting ripped.

    This is unacceptable on any level, no game should ever, ever be this expensive, AU$ 60 is the most I would pay for any game, and now being charged AU$ 101 for a game where you then have to download the files and the manual, there is no reasoning to it. I will only ever purchase stuff when it is fairly priced and actually is worth the price being asked.

    And I was planning to buy the game next monday, not anymore, this is just plain profiteering.

    If this is a sign of things to come I won't be buying Activision games online or instore.

    Is it possible that Australians should be blaming their Government because of this? I mean, Why would Activision raise the price for the game just because they're selling it to Australians? They're mostly white people too just like Americans and Europeans. I think this stinks of the taxes your government puts on imported software. Think of how many hands are dipping in your wallet before you could even play a game.

    How about American made candy bars in Australia? Are they just as overpriced too?

    Play-Asia and Zest just got a more frequent shopper.

    I cannot bring myself to buy anything at full retail anymore. Let alone pay full price and have to download it, at least retail you get the physical dvd and manual, then you can resell it later if you like, no reselling digital downloads.

    I do hope that Steam\Valve do not have to do this with all their games, because that will be one less person purchasing anything from steam. There are alternatives people, just do a little searching. Play-asia is your friend there.

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